Guaranteed Draw

£10,000 Titan Monopoly (£2,500 End Prize)


Winner: Eileen Stevenson
Number: 4855

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£10,000 Titan Monopoly (£2,500 End Prize)

Who doesn’t love a good game of Monopoly? Well now it’s arrived at Titan Prizes! Simply purchase your entries, as few or as many as you like up to the maximum. With this competition you can’t pick your own numbers, you need to specify how many entries you would like and then purchase your entries. Our system will then randomly generate your entries and inform you if any of them match our pre-selected instant win numbers.

Hidden within the entries for this competition are 64 x instant wins and 10 x £100 instant bonus prizes. If you’re lucky enough to hit an instant win then their values can be found below. But, even if you don’t manage to hit one, every single entry is eligible for the sensational jackpot prize of £2,500 cash when the competition ends!

The instant wins are broken down as follows:

🟫 2x Brown: £100 cash each
🔷 3x Light Blue:
£125 cash each
🟪 3x Pink:
£150 cash each
🟧 3x Orange:
£175 cash each
🟥 3x Red:
£200 cash each
🟨 3x Yellow:
£250 cash each
🟩 3x Green:
£300 cash each
🟦 2x Dark Blue:
£500 cash each
🚂 4x Train Stations:
£150 cash each
💡 1x Electricity Company:
£150 cash each
🚿 1x Water Works:
£150 cash each
🧰 16x Community Chest:
£25 Titan Cash
❓ 16x Chance:
£25 Titan Cash
🔃 4x Pass Go:
£150 cash each

Completing a set….

When there’s just one colour from each set remaining then the person who hits the last instant win from that set will win a £100 instant cash bonus in addition to the value of their instant win. This applies even if you’ve not hit any other instant wins in that set. The bonus goes to the person who hits the last one.

£100 cash bonuses only apply to the person who hits the last of the colours, stations and utilities.

How are the instant wins paid?

You do not need to wait for the competition to end to receive your instant wins. They will be paid instantly. If we already have your bank details we’ll pay you as soon as we’re notified of your win by our system. If you’re a new winner we’ll contact you for your bank details in order for us to pay your prize.


Drawn Tuesday 17th October @ 8pm as part of our Titan Tuesday Live Draws live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the Live Draws page of our website and app.

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Titan Prizes have a duty of care to all of our customers. From time to time we will check in to make sure people are playing responsibly.

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Forms of Entry

In addition to paying to enter with Titan Prizes, you can also play for free. Free entries must be posted on a post card and sent to: Titan Prizes Ltd, Old Carnegie Library, 361 Ormskirk Road, Wigan, WN5 9DQ and must arrive by the Competition closing date.

The Entrant must have an account on our website and specify which Competition they wish to enter. Each entry must be on individual post cards and should also include your full name, telephone number, postal address, email address used to register on our website and your date of birth. A random number will then be allocated to each free entry received by Titan Prizes.

Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for entries that are lost, do not reach us before the draw closes or before tickets for that draw have sold out.