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£15,000 – Wimbledon Special (£2,500 End Prize)


Winner: Gemma Ravenscroft
Number: 4607
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£15,000 – Wimbledon Special (£2,500 End Prize)

It’s that time of year again, Strawberries and Cream, Pimm’s and Lemonade, new balls please! You thought this competition was ace last year so we’ve brought it back, bigger and even better.

This one is worth £15,000 in total in prizes. There’s instant wins and bonuses totalling £12,500 to be found. Even if you don’t manage to hit one, every entry you purchase goes into our final draw to win £2,500 cash.

Instant wins:

The instant wins are tennis-themed and are broken down as follows:

  • 15: £2.50 Titan Cash*
  • LET: £20 Titan Cash
  • 30: £50 Cash*
  • OUT: £100 Cash
  • 40: £200 Cash*
  • ADVANTAGE: £300 Cash*
  • NEW BALLS PLEASE: £400 Cash
  • GAME: £500 Cash
  • SET: £750 Cash
  • MATCH: £1,000 Cash

Bonus wins:

If you find any of the four instant wins marked above with an asterisk then take advantage. Match these four difference types of instant wins and you’ll win a bonus £500 cash! Once you’ve claimed your bonus prize you can’t then use those same numbers to claim further bonus wins.

Titan Cash

Remember, if you win Titan Cash it will be automatically applied to your Titan wallet within 1 minute of your win. You don’t need to contact us to claim it. If you win cash then we’ll be in touch for your details, unless you’re a previous cash winner with us, in which case we’ll pay this across to you without the need to claim, too.

Take aim and see if you can smash this one!

Drawn Tuesday 9th July 2024 @ 7pm as part of our Titan Tuesday Live Draws live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the Live Draws page of our website and app.

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Forms of Entry

In addition to paying to enter with Titan Prizes, you can also play for free. Free entries must be posted on a post card and sent to: Titan Prizes Ltd, Old Carnegie Library, 361 Ormskirk Road, Wigan, WN5 9DQ and must arrive by the Competition closing date.

The Entrant must have an account on our website and specify which Competition they wish to enter. Each entry must be on individual post cards and should also include your full name, telephone number, postal address, email address used to register on our website and your date of birth. A random number will then be allocated to each free entry received by Titan Prizes.

Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for entries that are lost, do not reach us before the draw closes or before tickets for that draw have sold out.