£15K Hungry Hippos Competition - £1,000 Main Prize

Guaranteed Draw

£15K Hungry Hippos + Instant Wins


Winner: Sherie Lark (£1000), Chelsie Huth (£200), Kelly Taylor (£200)
Number: 4127, 7240, 8285
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Winners so far…

Wednesday 20th March:
1st: Matt Tomsett (54 pts)
2nd: Ben Kidd (18 pts)
3rd: Kelly Taylor (15 pts)

Thursday 21st March:
1st: Kelly Taylor (22 pts)
2nd: Matt Tomsett (14 pts)
3rd: Vicky Prince/Kev Brown (12 pts)

Friday 22nd March:
1st: Lindsay Waters (72 pts)
2nd: Steve Short (65 pts)
3rd: Ciara McConnon (30 pts)

Saturday 23rd March:
1st: Kelly Taylor (37 pts)
2nd: Sherie Lark (33 pts)
3rd: Steve Short (12 pts)

Sunday 24th March:
1st: Ben Kidd (86 pts)
2nd: Ciara McConnon (59 pts)
3rd: Sam Parkhouse (24 pts)

Monday 25th March:
1st: Ben Kidd (49 pts)
2nd: Steve Short (44 pts)
3rd: Katie Bellringer (39 pts)

Tuesday 26th March:
1st: Paige Rawson (129 pts)
2nd: Steve Short (124 pts)
3rd: Antony Wakefield (108 pts)

£15K Hungry Hippos + Instant Wins

The popular Hungry Hippos comes to Titan Prizes. There’s 9999 entries on this competition but there’s 985 chances for you hungry people to win instant instant prizes, known as marbles. in the case of this competition. So there’s a truly superb 1 in 10 chance of winning on this one. You’ll be given 1 point for each marble (instant win) you collect along the way. Unless you hit one of our Golden balls, worth 5 points each.

2x Orange Hippo – £500 Cash + 1 Point

8x Blue Hippo – £200 Cash + 1 Point

15x Golden Ball – £100 Cash  – 5 Points

100x Yellow Hippo – £25 Titan Cash + 1 Point

860x Green Hippo – £2.50 Titan Cash + 1 Point

If you land on any of the numbers associated with these prizes then you’ll win those prizes instantly, from £2.50 Titan Cash up to £500 cash! But you’ll also get the points stated with the instant win and these will go onto our live leaderboard automatically. As the name of the game is being hungry, we’ll give bonus prizes to the person who has hit the most instant wins in each 24 hour period (8pm – 8pm) and therefore collected the most marbles. Whoever is in 1st place on our leaderboard at 8pm each day scoops £500 cash. If you’re 2nd you’ll win £200 cash and if you’re 3rd you’ll win 20x free entries into the competition (£50 Titan cash on the final day)

Then, when the competition comes to an end, all entries go into a final draw for the £1,000 Main Jackpot Prize! So even if you don’t hit too many instant wins along the way, you could still walk away with a bumper prize!

So, are you hungry? Let’s start collecting the marbles and see what you can win! Be the greediest and see if you can scoop up some big prizes!

Drawn Tuesday 26th March 2024 @ 8.30pm as part of our Titan Tuesday Live Draws live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the Live Draws page of our website and app.

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Forms of Entry

In addition to paying to enter with Titan Prizes, you can also play for free. Free entries must be posted on a post card and sent to: Titan Prizes Ltd, Old Carnegie Library, 361 Ormskirk Road, Wigan, WN5 9DQ and must arrive by the Competition closing date.

The Entrant must have an account on our website and specify which Competition they wish to enter. Each entry must be on individual post cards and should also include your full name, telephone number, postal address, email address used to register on our website and your date of birth. A random number will then be allocated to each free entry received by Titan Prizes.

Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for entries that are lost, do not reach us before the draw closes or before tickets for that draw have sold out.